Greendot’s Vegetarian Salmon Poke Bowl | Healthy Vegetarian food that taste great


Greendot recently launched the brand-new Vegetarian Salmon Poké Bowl contains 12 flavourful ingredients, and is packed with a great range of nutrients – such as dietary fibre, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B2, and manganese. Not only that, it is below 500 calories and low in saturated fats! 



 Presented in a wonderful myriad of colours, the bowl comes with konnyaku salmon and wasabi mayonnaise; specially marinated shimeji mushrooms; QQ tofu; soy floss; and seaweed. The pineapple, pickled Japanese cucumber and cranberries add a slight tang, which is balanced out with the earthy and nutty fragrance of the cashews and sesame seeds. This delectable combination is perched atop your choice of brown rice or short-grain sushi rice.

 Perfect for health-conscious eaters or those who want to kick-start healthier eating habits before the New Year, this tasty bowl is available at all Greendot outlets except Mapletree Business City. 


For reservation or their list of outlets go to




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