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Catering to the active generation, NOVU Aesthetics’ newly launched NOVU Active series is specially formulated with French Sparkling Water containing more than 1000ppm of dissolved carbonic acid. The French Sparkling Water is sourced from the south-central area of France; known for its high mineral and bicarbonate content, the NOVU Active series is best suited for any individual who has an active lifestyle.


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NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic is a global medical aesthetics care provider and a one-stop solution for all skin care and aesthetics needs. With the priority of providing safe and effective professional aesthetics care to customers, NOVU, with its own in-house R&D and manufacturing arm, is constantly on the search for better technology and the latest innovative methods in skincare solutions. All products at NOVU are specially formulated to target skin conditions based on the concept of 3Cs; Colour, Consistency and Contour.



NOVU Active Lifestyle

In today’s hectic world, most people do not have as much time to pamper themselves. NOVU understands the needs of individuals who clamour for multi-purpose skin care products that work as hard as they do for their skin and body. The NOVU Active series is clinically developed to not only revitalize, smoothen and moisturize the skin, it also helps repair damaged skin cells. If you have an active lifestyle, with your time mostly spent outdoors, a customized skincare routine is recommended to keep skin clear and prevent short-term and long-term damage. You need skin care that can keep up with you and NOVU Active is your on-the-go product that will take care of both your face and body


1purifying facial scrub

Purifying Facial Scrub, 100ml S$19.90

After working out, the build-up of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin can result in excess oil production and clogged pores which may lead up to blemishes and acne. This gentle facial scrub gives the skin a deep cleanse, soothes it and boosts skin hydration. It is formulated with Bergamot oil that possesses natural cleansing properties which delicately removes deeply seated dirt and impurities while moisturizing the skin with its natural oils. For best results, use it day and night followed by the Tri-Action Clarifying Hydrator.

Key ingredients:

• Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder Rich in Omega 3 which strengthens the skin cells Removes toxins from skin Helps lock in moisture and nutrients within the skin to keep it healthy and glowy Soothes dry skin

• Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil Natural cleansing properties that removes deeply seated dirt and impurities without stripping off the skin’s moisture balance Citrus scent has aromatherapy element, leaving applicant smelling fresh

• Rheum Palmatum Root/Stalk Extract Possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties to fight acne while enhancing blood circulation


1tri action hydrator


Tri-Action Clarifying Hydrator, 55ml  S$34.90

Clinically developed to tone, clarify and hydrate at one go, the Tri-Action Clarifying Hydrator should be in every active individual’s skin care arsenal. It eliminates the need to pack countless bottles of skincare when heading to the gym or a tennis session! Physical exercise and perspiration dehydrates the skin and may cause over-dryness, and working out under the hot sun means being constantly exposed to UV rays and the surrounding air pollution (i.e. cars exhaust, haze etc.) which exacerbate skin dryness. This marvelous formulation hydrates, moisturizes, soothes, and brightens the skin as well as slows down skin oxidation. Packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients that keeps one’s skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day with protection against UV damage. For best results, use it day and night followed with a moisturiser.

Key ingredients:

• Eclipta Prostrata Leaf Extract (False Daisy) Anti-microbial and pain relief function soothes inflamed and acne-prone skin

• Aloe Bardabensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera) Anti-inflammatory properties Soothes, moisturize and hydrates the skin

• Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Hydrating and moisturizing properties that keep the skin soft and smooth


1Acne Spot Eraser

Acne Spot Eraser, 17ml S$19.90

The Acne Spot Eraser reduces inflammation and provides effective relief for acne. Enhanced with anti-inflammatory properties (i.e. Centella Asiatica), it works under the skin to unclog pores, clear acne, stimulate collagen production, improve circulation, calms the skin and help prevent future breakouts. It is also effective in regulating sebum production and counteracting photo-aging effects to improve dull and uneven skin tone. For best results, use twice daily until acne has subsided and with Purifying Facial Scrub and Tri-Action Clarifying Hydrator.

Key ingredients:

• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Anti-aging function Reduces pore size Improves dull skin and uneven skin tone Fends off fine lines and wrinkles Anti-oxidant properties help fight off free radicals

• Centella Asiatica Extract (Spade Leaf) Rich in beta-carotene, fatty acids, and amino acids Anti-inflammatory properties Promotes wound healing Stimulates collagen production

• Glycerin Maintains water balance as it acts as a humectant that draws in and locks in water for a fresher look

• Althaea Rose Flower Extract Powerful anti-inflammatory that effectively restores, soothes and soften the skin

• Methylpropanediol Effectively aids in the penetration of all other active ingredients



1lifting sunscreen mist

Lifting Sunscreen Mist, 100ml S$24.90

Specially formulated to protect you skin against UVA and UVB with SPF50+ and PA++++. This waterproof sunscreen mist is suitable for both face and body application. The light formula provides hydration, fends off photo-aging and improves the skin elasticity, its PA++++ protection allows deep absorption for a longer lasting efficiency even in high UV conditions. For optimum application, hold bottle 15cm from skin and spritz 1-2 pumps per area, and spread evenly onto skin. Reapplication every 2-3 hours is needed after perspiration or in contact with water.

Key ingredients:

• Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate Core ingredient to absorb, reflect or scatter UVA and UVB rays

• Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil (Geranium Oil) Balances oil-water ratio within skin to reduce sebum production and improves elasticity of the skin Stimulates lymphatic circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite

• Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties Promotes wound healing and reduces acne scars


1body contouring gel

Body Contouring Gel, 100ml S$34.90

Do you have body areas where no matter how hard you work out it does not seem to be contoured and as toned as you wish? NOVU is here to help. The Body Contouring Gel is clinically developed to tone, firm and sculpt those stubborn areas. The high metabolic functioning gel is readily absorbed, and comes with anti-oxidising and fat busting properties. Upon application, a warm tingly sensation may be experienced as the gel penetrates the skin and gets activated to the depths of the skin. For first time users, it is recommended to try out the gel on a small targeted area. Micro-circulation is created, speeding up metabolism, and reducing cellulite at the target area. This is your must-have body gel for a firmer and toner body. Gel should not be applied around the eyes and face.

Key ingredients:

• Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract High metabolic function effectively utilizes the nutrients from the food we eat and metabolizes it correctly Possess manganese, a mineral that enhances metabolism

• Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract Possess calming and soothing characteristics that effectively smoothen and moisturizes the skin’s texture, which retains even during perspiration

• Algae Extract Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals Nourishes and moisturizes the skin Improves blood circulation


NOVU Active series products are available at all NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinics, PPP by NOVU clinics from mid-Dec 2017 onwards, and selected NTUC Finest, and Watsons stores thereafter.



For more information on NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic, please visit the following links or call 6100 1234:




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