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Get ready to soak in the delights of the yuletide spirit as you feast on delectable
indulgences from Bakerzin. Available from 16th November 2017, enjoy a convenient and
lavish spread at home with a delish medley of ‘must-haves’ from Bakerzin Christmas de
la Perfecto Takeaway Menu or select the festive feast packages that are specially catered for parties of six and above. Conveniently packed, simply heat it up before serving and your Christmas feast is ready!


Gojujang Capon

S$46, Approx. 1.8kg after baked (contains nuts)

Marinated overnight and roasted to perfect tenderness under controlled temperature, the Gochujang (Korean hot chilli paste) Capon is the Asian remix of a western traditional must-have. The stuffing in the capon is perfected with minced chicken, herbs and spices, together with the flavour-packed essence from within, this dish makes an excellent choice as a centrepiece this Christmas.
The succulent capon is infused with a taste of sweetness from the stuffing and is baked to a crisp golden brown. Served with Gochujang Sauce and Raisin Sauce.
Gochujang Sauce
Made from hours of simmering over slow fire, this sauce is a concentration of the essence from the Capon Chicken. Infused with other spices and herbs, this sauce definitely complements the natural sweetness of the chicken meat.

Raisin Sauce
A splendid creation with a sweet and earthy flavour, this is your classic Christmas sauce to pair with the flavourful elixir and tender capon. Using only golden raisins and selected herbs, and cooked to perfection, it complements the sweetness of the capon nicely.


Dijon Mustard Gammon Ham

S$58, Approx. 950g after baked

Gammon, originates from the French word ‘Gambe’, meaning hind leg. Fascinatingly, this cut of the meat is succulent, tender and juicy with every bite. Cured with a potpourri of spices and brined to a maximum tenderness, the excellent Dijon Mustard glaze adds a wonderful contrast to the ham. This Gammon is roasted to perfection in slow heat at a controlled temperature and is sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones this Christmas!

Plum and Pear Sauce

Seasoned premium pear and plums are blended together and cured with a generous amount of herbs, one will be surprised with this perfect pairing with the Gammon slices during feasting!


Chicken Teriyaki Shepherd's Pie

S$28, Approx. 700g after baked

Bakerzin’s Christmas bestseller is back! Staying true to a traditional English Country recipe, Bakerzin’s Shepherd’s Pie features a layer of sweet mash pumpkin pastry, and topped with generous chunks of juicy chicken cubes and mushrooms cooked in sweet teriyaki  sauce,  the  pie  is  then  finished  with  sweet  potato  pastry  to  complement  the delicious  filling.  Accentuated  with  the  spices  within,  stride  on  a  guilt  trip  with  this marvellous dish and you’ll be sure to reach out for seconds.


S$28, Approx. 700g after baked

Nothing beats comfort food! Next up on Bakerzin’s Christmas menu list is a tantalizing hearty cottage pie; lined with seasoned beef and soft potato crust pastry topping, this is your ultimate feasting snacker. The luscious rich beef and buttery mash filling warms up the heart instantly, making this English recipe irresistible.

This classic delish snack is best paired with garden greens for optimum flavour.


Ducken Stuffings

S$32, Approx. 520g after baked (contains nuts)

A polished and masterful festive ducken stuffing, with pistachios added for full flavour into the minced duck and chicken meat, and marinated overnight with herbs and spices. So good you can even have it on its own or great as a stuffing to impress your guests!



Triplette Chocolat Cake Log

S$80, Approx. 2kg

Chocolate lovers are in for a sweet treat as you not only get to enjoy just one, not two, but three different flavours of chocolate cake logs. The Triplette Chocolat Cake Log is the pièce de résistance of Bakerzin’s festive menu. This is the ultimate pure chocolate treat with three classic flavours that will blow your mind; decadent chocolate, pure cream cheese, and caramel.
Decadent Chocolat Cake Log – Carved with rich chocolate using 56% cacao, be surprised as you find crunchy chocolate pearls embedded within every bite. Moist and fluffy, we bet this will be your beloved sinful chocolate treat.
Pure Cream Cheese Cake Log – Let your tongue dance to the symphony of smooth and soft cream cheese, and leave you craving for seconds with the perfect marriage of chocolate from within.
Caramel Cake Log – A classic flavour enjoyed by everyone, this dulcet delight leaves an overwhelmingly good caramel taste that lingers.


Coconut Passion Yule Log

S$62, Approx. 800g

Bakerzin brings its Perfecto Christmas spread closer to you with its Coconut Passion Yule Log. Encased with a generous amount of desiccated coconut bits, and tangy sweet passion cream, be ready to be swept head over heels with this angelic creation. The strong copes of the coconut and passion cream will bring you to cloud nine in an instant. Each element in this yule log is distinct yet melts harmoniously in your mouth, definitely one of your must bring home sweet treat for all!


Rainbow Yule Log

S$60, Approx. 1.1kg

A season of celebration with excited kids running around and families catching up over a scrumptious festive meal. The Rainbow Yule Log is the absolutely perfect choice for your kids, with seven colourful layers of beautiful light sponge, and silky smooth chocolate buttercream and orange ganache. Oh! a sweet dilemma, this log will either be too pretty to eat, or snapped up before the feasting starts.


Yule Want Croquembouche

Apple Cinnamon / Caramel, S$40 Banana Cream Cheese / Mango Cheese, S$42

47pcs / Height 26cm / Approx. 1kg

Gear your taste buds up for an impeccable journey and get your cameras ready for Bakerzin’s Yule Want Croquembouche. This year, it comes in two combination sets and four new flavours.
Banana Cream Cheese / Mango Cheese – Perfect combination of distinct banana fragrance in one choux, and another of soft mango mousse choux that embellishes the croquembouche.

Apple Cinnamon / Caramel – A well-balanced of strong apple and cinnamon flavour with an added zest in one choux, that complements the sweetness of the caramel in another choux.
Dressed elegantly to your very own potluck and parties, the attention is on this beautiful Yule Want Croquembouche! Each delicate and fluffy choux is baked to perfection ready for a make-over; showered with generous caramel and encased with your choice of flavour, this will add splendour to your spread this Christmas.


Aged Fruit Cake

S$32, Approx. 600g (contains alcohol and nuts)

Always part of a Christmas feast, this classic item on the table has many variations and can be kept for years if it contains a good deal of alcohol. It was also once kept as an heirloom by a family for over a hundred years! Bakerzin has steeped its Aged Fruit Cake for over a year with good old rum, the liqueur manifest the diced fruit bits and raisins for a luxurious pampering. Each slice gives generous servings of fruit bits and raisins, it is an everlasting trail of sweetness for everyone to share!

Known for its artisan bread and desserts, Bakerzin has launched its own Asian remix of the King’s Bread for this festive season. The King’s Bread tradition dates back to 300 years ago and is synonymous with the festive seasons. Taking on a Southern French recipe to reveal a dexterous creation, and the use of fine ingredients with great mastery, the ambrosial King’s Bread is handmade to perfection and dressed with a crown. Everyone can be a king for the day with two flavours of King’s Bread to choose from; Savoury King’s Bread Sausage and Cheese (Chilli Spice) or Sweet King’s Bread with Crunchy Nuts.


Savoury King's Bread Ham and Cheese (Chilli Spice)

S$24, Approx. 1kg (contains nuts)

A healthy blend of ancient grains with a soft smooth texture, this delicious pastry is glistened with tomatoes, chicken sausage, cheddar cheese cubes, and chilli padi. Get hot this Christmas with an extra spicy sensation bringing about a mouthwatering experience fit for a king!


Sweet King's Bread Spiced Cinnamon and Nuts

S$24, Approx. 1kg (contains nuts)

No Christmas is perfect without this classic! Baked in curated temperature to flawlessness, the fresh ingredients used in this bread is a heavenly combination that even the King can’t resist! Filled with crunchy golden nuggets of walnuts making each bite taken through the soft fluffy bread makes you wonder if this bread was baked in heaven. Best paired with a warm cup of Latte for optimum taste.



S$28, Approx. 550g (contains alcohol and nuts)

The name of this popular yuletide item explains it all; All I want for Christmas is Stollen. This nonpareil stollen from Bakerzin is artisanally handcrafted with all the finest ingredients, every bite gives verve of soft and baby cheeks texture to copious amounts of raisins and nuts, it is of no wonder “I just want Stollen for my own”.


Gingerbread Cookies

S$4.50, 2pc / packet

What is Christmas without the Gingerbread man? With subtle hints of spices and molasses, Bakerzin’s Gingerbread Cookies has always been well-loved by many. Make this pastry a must-have treat for kids especially, and pair it with a cup of warm milk for optimum taste. Oh! Did we mention? These cute little ones are housed in an elegant white festive packaging for your convenience!


Festive Macarons 'Santa Buttons'

S$12, 6pcs / box
S$49.90, 27pcs / box

Having won the ‘Best Macarons in Singapore’ in 2014, Bakerzin brings back what it does best, Festive Macarons, this year! With Christmasy flavours from Lemon, Chocolate Cinnamon to Salted Caramel, these cute and colourful ones will delight anyone! Comes in three festive flavours, no Christmas feast is complete without these “Santa Buttons”, your definite jewels in the crown this year!

Festive Set A (Serves 4 to 6 pax) – S$89 (u.p. S$129)
(Comes with 2 sets of Gingerbread Man)
• Coconut Passion Yule Log
• Gochujang Capon Chicken
• Festive Macarons (6pcs)
Festive Set B (Serves 5 to 6 pax) – S$109 (u.p. S$163)
(Comes with 2 sets of Gingerbread Man)
• Rainbow Yule Log
• Sweet King’s Bread
• Gammon Ham
• Festive Macarons (6pcs)

Festive Set C (Serves 8 to 10 pax) – S$169 (u.p. S$263)
(Comes with 6 sets of Gingerbread Man)
• Triplette Chocolat Cake Log
• Sweet King’s Bread
• Gochujang Capon Chicken
• Gammon Ham
• Chicken Teriyaki Shepherd’s Pie


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