2023 Fortune Court 天富阁 Chinese New Year CNY Promotion


Backed with the same crew from a Michelin Gourmet Restaurant, Fortune Court settles in the heartland of Chinatown Singapore at 31 Pagoda Street. Fueled with the passion of bringing quality and tasteful Cantonese cuisine to all Singaporeans and tourists alike.

We celebrated the CNY during a recent visit to Fortune Court.

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$368++ (4pax)
$528++ (6 pax)
*$798++ (8 to 10pax)
Complimentary For 8-10Pax Only:滋补药膳鸡(Herbal Chicken)

天富阁鳗⻥‘捞⽣’’ Fortune’s Unagi “LoHei”

鸿运当头⼋宝翅 Braised Eight Treasure Shark’s fin

‘’⻩⾦‘’奶皇虾球 Chef Signature Buttery Prawn

港蒸⻰⻁斑 Hong Kong-style Steam Dragon Grouper

‘’富贵‘’ 10头鲍⻥扒花菇西兰花 Braised Abalone with Mushroom and Broccoli.

⽇本樱花虾焖伊⾯ Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Sakura Shrimp

福⽓红⾖沙汤圆 Glutinous Rice Ball in Red bean Paste

The Fortune’s Unagi “LoHei” dish was a delicious and satisfying meal. The unagi was cooked to perfection, with a nice balance of sweetness and savoriness. The braised eight treasure shark’s fin was also a highlight, with the shark’s fin being tender and flavorful. The chef’s signature buttery prawn was also delicious, with a great texture and a buttery sauce that was not too heavy. The Hong Kong-style steam dragon grouper was another standout dish, with the fish being cooked to perfection and the sauce is well balanced. The braised abalone with mushroom and broccoli was also well executed, with the abalone being tender and the vegetables being cooked to a nice crispness. The braised ee fu noodles with sakura shrimp was a unique and flavorful dish, and the glutinous rice ball in red bean paste was a satisfying and tasty dessert. Overall, the meal was a great experience and we highly recommend it.


Reservation: +65 9234 9969
31 Pagoda Street, 天富阁 Fortune Court, Singapore 059190

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