Wáng Pái Champagne White Gold Truffle Mooncake 王牌

王牌 Wáng Pái4

Wáng Pái 王牌 Champagne White Gold Truffle Mooncake is the latest premium product by Wáng Pái 王牌. They have previously launched Hokkaido Spicy Mushroom Scallops Snack and Roast Pork during the CNY period so many have been familiar with their premium products.

Wangpai Champagne Jewels Mooncakes is akin to the image of a jewelry piece, with unparalleled look, taste and texture through the expanded expressions of Champagne and White Chocolate Ganache crafted into 8 pieces of ultimate temptation per box. Iridescent packaging with the reunion of Chang E & Hou Yi.

王牌 Wáng Pái3

1 box contains 8 individual pieces
Net weight / piece: 60g
Net weight / box: 480g

Storage: For same day consumption, keep it in the chiller. For consumption on other days, do store it in the freezer and thaw the mooncakes 20-30 mins before consuming. Strictly keep away from direct sunlight.

Premium Ingredients used includes Lotus, Sugar, Champagne, white couverture, white chocolate ganache, glutinous flour and icing sugar. We love the smooth texture, distinct Champagne aroma and sweet white chocolate ganache mixed with Truffle aroma.

Fulfilment period is from 1st sept – 21st sept 2021, with only 2 time slots to choose from (12pm-5pm) or (5pm-9pm). When checking out on the cart page, do “write a note to seller” and they will lock down the fulfilment period for you.

Order directly from https://wangpai.sg/

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